The YWCA champions policies promoting women’s equality and racial justice. The organization works to eliminate violence against women, support pay equity, protect reproductive rights, promote racial justice, strengthen anti-human trafficking laws, and support LGBTQ rights. Additional partnerships and collaborations with the regional, national and world YWCA’s have strengthened the organization’s mission and include extensive a support for policy development impacting the lives of women and girls as well as minority communities.


Racial Justice Advocacy and Awareness Programming, including:

  • School discipline reform
  • Access to and equity in education (K-12 and post secondary)
  • Juvenile justice reform and school to prison pipeline
  • Racial profiling

Gender Equality Advocacy and Initiatives, including:

  • Workplace equity
  • Minimum wages increase
  • LGBTQ Rights
  • Public benefits reform
  • Leadership development and opportunities for women of color

Women’s Health and Safety Programming, including:

  • Intimate partner violence
  • Sexual assault and harassment
  • Trafficking prevention
  • Safe, permanent, affordable housing
  • Comprehensive healthcare
  • Aging
  • Reproductive health and justice
  • Adolescent pregnancy prevention
  • Teen dating violence

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