Youth Summit Supports Young Scholars
MIPO Scholarship Winners

On Monday, November 11th, we partnered with Making the Impossible Possible, Inc. (MIPO, Inc.) for their Annual Youth Summit to support young scholars in their academic journeys. Speakers at the event included Public Advocate Jumaane Williams and Maurice D. Hinson, MD, the Black and Latino Men in Medicine (BLMiM) initiator from Weill Cornell University.

The summit featured workshops on many subjects designed to help students prepare for college including Principles & Money Management, Writing a Personal Statement and Building a Support Network. Other workshops were lifestyle oriented and included Healthy Eating, Stress and Teens and Parenting and other options.

Six young women were awarded with scholarships at the summit. A special thanks to Jackson Rockingster, Dr. Marceline J. Watler and others who have stepped up to sponsor one extra Scholarship Recipient and whose additional funds provided towards the individual scholarship. It was truly a memorable Youth Summit 2019, held at the YWCA Brooklyn.  Thanks to MIPO’s team: Felina Backer, Sandra BatailleStacy Renelique, Marise Crève-Coeur for putting this great and informative yearly Youth Summit. We also thank all of our participants who presented and offer valuable information to our young people. A Special thanks to Rose L Guerrier, for going beyond the call of duty.

Six young women awarded with scholarships.

Six young women awarded with scholarships.

Counselors were also available to answer questions and support students with college application, Financial aid and Scholarships.

YWCA Brooklyn’s college access program serves young women of color attending under-resourced high schools who have been disproportionately impacted by limited access to advanced and accelerated courses that are readily available to their more affluent peers. Exclusion from these opportunities, which improve students’ ability to attend competitive colleges and attain scholarships, has a negative impact on the educational and economic outcomes specifically for low-income students of color. We see firsthand, through our college access program, the devastating effect of institutional racism and inequity in public education.

Working with partners like MIPO to bring resources to young scholars has a significant positive impact on their educational and economic future. Thank you to all of the other partners that helped create an enriching day for young women in our communities.


Updated 11/13/2019