Sexual Assault awareness month at YWCA Brooklyn
Denim Day 2018 (2)

The month of April is nationally designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month and is a time for organizing resources for survivors and drawing attention to the ongoing violence that affects so many people each year.

In recognition of this month, YWCA Brooklyn hosted a dramatic reading of scenes from Stephen Belber’s play TAPE and provided an opportunity for the community to gather and discuss power dynamics, consent and sexual assault in order to pursue positive action.

Denim Day NYC is a main organizer of events related to ending sexual violence, and YWCA Brooklyn was honored to again participate in their Annual Rally Against Sexual Assault and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on April 25. Denim Day grew out of a 1998 Italian Supreme Court decision that overturned a rape conviction because the victim wore tight jeans. The judges reasoned the victim’s tight jeans meant that she had to have helped her assailant remove them, implying consent. People all over the world were outraged, and wearing jeans became an international symbol of protest against erroneous and destructive attitudes and myths surrounding sexual assault.

Denim Day 2018


Posted May 17, 2018.