The Role of Affordable Childcare in Economic Equality for WOC



Access to affordable, quality childcare is central to the economic empowerment of women, knowing that historically caregiving roles have been headed up by women and that 7 in 10 mothers are a part of the U.S. workforce that rely on childcare – an incredible $16,250 cost in New York City. Statistics show that low-income workers, minorities and women are more likely to reduce their work hours or leave the workforce completely because of their caregiving role. Even when parents hold onto their jobs, those with unpredictable schedules tend to put a hold on furthering their education. This important issue was the topic of focus during the most recent #PowHerTheVote Take Action Hour on Twitter.


YWCA Brooklyn is a leader on issues related to the economic equality for low-income women and girls of color. In order to strengthen and develop opportunities for women and girls of color in our community, it is important to understand the wide-reaching issues that impact equality. Parents across all 50 states must deal with the reality that childcare costs more than rent. In New York City where affordable housing is already a challenge, this can become quite a burden for a low-income family. When affordable, formal childcare is not an option, low-income women risk getting stuck in the cycle of intergenerational poverty or face discrimination by their employers as they struggle to make it work. Additionally, children from low-income homes that do not have access to regular childcare tend to have lower achievement in school. Being aware of and supporting legislation that could alleviate some of the strain of childcare costs is one way to keep Brooklyn moving in the right direction.


Our advocacy work seeks to bring these issues to light and urge our candidates to push for legislation that contributes to a solution for our community. As Election Day approaches, we remind all New Yorkers, especially women, that their voice is more important than ever. It is key to understand the point of view of the candidates on issues important to our livelihood and to make sure they are focused on our issues. The last day to register to vote is October 14.


YWCA Brooklyn is a regular contributor to the #PowHerTheVote Take Action Hour lead by PowHerNY, taking place every Thursday from 1-2pm until Election Day. Follow us on Twitter @YWCAbrooklyn and join in the conversation every Thursday by using the hashtag #PowHerTheVote.