The Miseducation of Black Girls in NYC

The Miseducation of Black Girls in NYC was a one day education summit hosted by YWCA Brooklyn and The Dinner Table Documentary on February 15, 2016.

The summit was created to encourage collaborative discussion and engagement around topics such as educational inequality, especially among students of color in schools, media perceptions and communities. Over 100 girls were in attendance.

The summit consisted of two panels and a breakout session. Speaking on the first panel were black girls from different educational backgrounds spanning from public, private and charter schools in New York City. The following breakout sessions allowed all girls in attendance to share their individual stories.

The second panel challenged media perceptions and the reality of opportunities. This panel consisted of various media experts, professors from colleges and universities with developed media studies program and media mavens who created programming for women of color. The panelist included Development Director of the Women in Hospitality Workshop and front desk manager for the Irving Hotel, Cherri Parks Taylor, Integrated Marketing and Brand Development Strategist Tola Lawal, Public Relations Specialist, Pauline Barfield, Attorney and YWCA social justice coordinator Kemah George, Clinical Director and Attorney and Dean Michelle Rodney.

The summit’s unique structure was derived from the White House’s Initiative of African-American Educational Excellence.

For more photos from the event please visit the Facebook page of The Dinner Table Documentary.


Posted on 03/02/2016