Advocacy Item- Call for support of the TVPJA


The YWCA is supporting the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act (TVPJA) is New York State Legislation sponsored by Assembly member Amy Paulin and Senator Andrew Lanza.

Because New York State is a national hub for human trafficking, current laws must be strengthened to protect the victims and hold their abusers accountable.

The TVPJA currently has 78 co-sponsors in the Assembly.  This is an extraordinary show of support, but we can do better!  Now is the time to start mobilizing, if we all do one action there will be a huge impact –

How you can help:

Write to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: The letters you write are very significant. You can customize THIS letter to Speaker Silver. Please consider getting your friends and community members to join in and write letters. 

Endorse the TVPJA: Add your organization to the list of TVPJA supporters. Have your organization endorse the TVPJA by clicking here. (Current list).

Join the NYSATC: Add your organization to the list of members of the New York State Anti-Trafficking Coalition. To join click here. (Current list).

Call Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: Call Speaker Silver’s office: 518-455-3791.  You can use the following script:

Hello, my name is ______ and I am from (city/town). I want to ask Speaker Silver to do all he can to support the passage of the Trafficking Victims Protection and Justice Act (A.2240).  The legislation strengthens New YorkState’s response to human trafficking, combating trafficking and protecting victims.  As a resident of New YorkState and a voter, I urge you to help the TVPJA come to a vote on the floor.  Thank you for all you can do to make New YorkState a national leader in combating human trafficking and protecting victims.

For additional information on the TVPJA and ideas on how you can help click here.